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Your school’s reputation isn’t an abstract notion. It’s a system. And it can be hacked.

All you need is the right partner. Our team here at The Brand Education have worked with the world’s most influential ranking companies. Now we’re bringing the mechanics of top-tier brand management to you.

Your university is facing more competition than ever

As technology intensifies the race for international recognition, prospective students and academics have more institutions to choose from than ever before. In today’s market, you’ll need more than a few Facebook ads to capture their imaginations.

Hit your brand and reputation KPIs on your off day

Picture a world where your KPI targets are your performance baseline, not your ceiling. That’s what we strive to achieve for our partners. Our top-to-bottom reputation refresh will target everything your audience looks for in a higher education institution.

The Brand Education is proud to be working with some of the world’s best-known higher education institutions.

Be the centre of attention
(even when you’re not in the room)

Branding isn’t just about making a new logo, a new vision statement or tag-line. It’s the sum of the things you do and say. You can either work to make them stand out, or you can let them go unmanaged. If you really want to invest in the art of differentiation, it needs to be apparent in:

Your research communications
Your student recruitment
Your academic recruitment comms
Your partnership messages
Your philanthropic campaigns

Here at The Brand Education, we’ve proved that your brand and reputation are manageable assets that you can quantify with Key Performance Indicators.

We’ll help you measure them with a comprehensive look at your institution’s global performance data.

Can you afford to be average?

The race for brand recognition is, today, a global one. Yet universities continue to use the same messages, images and promises as their competitors. When your brand hides in plain sight, you’re doing a disservice not just to your students but to every person whose life you could have touched.

This is how we break the system

Good reputation management is all about making your institution’s values click with your audiences; students and the academic community at large. At The Brand Education, we do that using four key processes.

  • Research phase:
    your essential reputation roadmap

    We find the data to help you understand your core reputation drivers and the current market state. This key information details where you are, how you compare to your competitors and what you’ll need to do to build your reputation on the global stage.

  • Branding phase:
    a powerful new direction

    Using our research as a knowledge base, we’ll help you create a potent new identity. Quality storytelling and creative content will help you attract more students, better staff and raise your research profile. We’ll even help you ensure stakeholder buy in.

  • Outreach phase:
    earning global recognition

    With a refreshed mission and visual brand in place, we use carefully curated content to make sure your university is at the centre of discussions in key academic communities. By putting the right stories in the right places, we can make you the go-to name.

  • Optimisation phase:
    making you the best you can be

    There’s always room for improvement. Your outreach and branding efforts to date provide us with a wealth of data that can help us make smarter, more effective decisions. In this phase, we review everything to figure out how it can be done better.

These are just a few of the ways we can support you

Brand strategy
and market insight
Visual brand identity
and design
Content strategy
and creation
Social media management
and training
International reputation
and brand building

A stronger research reputation can transform your institution at every level

The value of a strong brand benefits every aspect of your institution’s teaching and research performance, allowing you to:

Recruit and keep the best staff

Your employer brand goes hand-in-hand with your academic brand. In today’s competitive market, candidates want to know that your institution can provide the best platform to achieve their goals. We make sure your strengths and values are aligned with theirs.

Build better external partnerships

Better partnerships are the natural result of a stronger research profile. When your work is recognised in the right circles, external partners will begin to come to you. That’s why we spend considerable time finding the right communities for your stories.

Get access to global research communities

The challenges of the future will be defined by their global impact; we’ll need to think globally to meet them. A worldwide brand will enable your staff to contribute to some of the world’s most critical research initiatives.

Attract more high-performing students

Global institution rankings are still the main way that potential students assess the quality of your institution. We can help you hack these scores and outflank your competitors with a brand that’s bigger, more appealing and in step with the spirit of the times.

Create more job opportunities for students

Our next generation of graduates grew up in a time of economic and environmental decline. They’re hyper-aware of the economic challenges that may affect their future. It’s the responsibility of universities to build a brand that can help them flourish in a challenging environment.

Receive more funding from alumni

Contributing alumni want to feel like your institution is making an impact on the global stage. They want to see their values reflected in your work, and that means making sure they can hear your story. A stronger brand means alumni are more likely to offer their support.

What the data doesn’t tell you about: student recruitment

The Times Higher Education supplement will tell you that ‘high-quality teaching’ is the number one reason a student picks a school.

But here’s the catch – prospective students aren’t in a position to judge teaching quality. They haven’t had a class yet! The best they can do is decide using data and instinct.

That’s why your brand image and reputation is the biggest factor influencing student enrolment.

What the data doesn’t tell you about: academic reputation

Most academics will believe the quality and extent of research are the sole factors that define your institution’s standing in the academic community. They’re not.

Whilst there are myriad contributing factors, the reality is that they all rest on one fundamental ingredient – visibility.

Your institution needs to be seen and heard before your research can shine. That’s why telling your story in the right places, at the right time, is our biggest concern.

This is what gives us the inside track

The team here at The Brand Education have over ten years of experience in branding and marketing in the education sector. We’ve worked at the UK’s top University ranking institutions like QS and the Times Higher Education. Here are the key ranking facts they don’t shout about…

Around 50% of your ranking is based on subjective surveys

That means that your score on sites like QS and THE can jump up just by improving the way academics feel about your institution. With that extra ranking power, you can attract the visibility and partnerships you need to dramatically improve your academic reputation.

Around 50% of your ranking is based on subjective surveys

That means that your score on sites like QS and THE can jump up just by improving the way academics feel about your institution. With that extra ranking power, you can attract the visibility and partnerships you need to dramatically improve your academic reputation.

Claim your Instant
Reputation Review

In this 30-minute session, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started growing your brand. By the end, you’ll know:

Exactly where your reputation is right now

We’ll dig out the most critical data to support a comprehensive look at the current state of play.

How you compare to your competitors

Understanding your market positioning in relation to your peers is a critical step in differentiating yourself.

What you can do to improve

Even small changes to your messaging can make an impact on the way your brand influences academic communities.

How to manage change resistance

Some of the biggest barriers you’ll face come from inside your own organisation. We’ll show you how to overcome them.


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