The academic reputation survey period is approaching. 

For universities with an eye on their 2020 rankings performance, the next few months will be critical. With the right strategy in place this can be a time of great opportunity. To help institutions capitalise on this, The Brand Education will be running a webinar entitled “Maximising university brand visibility during the academic reputation survey period” on Thursday 21st November, at 12pm, focusing on improving institutional visibility during this period.  

Academic reputation is hugely significant in determining a university’s ranking coefficient. In the QS World University Rankings, it is the single most influential indicator, accounting for 40% of a university’s ranking score. In the THE World University Rankings, 18% is given over to research reputation (also the biggest single indicator) – with a further 15% to teaching reputation. 

Reputation is something that is built up slowly, over generations. As such, the academic reputation measure can seem like it is heavily in favour of ranking incumbents. There are ways, however, that institutions can make this essentially subjective measure work in their favour:

  • Drawing up and executing a nuanced communication strategy, aimed at highlighting departmental and institutional strengths to the relevant people. 
  • Building prestige by supporting academics in amplifying individual and group research achievements in the media and public eye. 
  • Capitalising on the support of academic champions, as well as alumni network.
  • A clear strategy of targeted and visible participation at academic conferences in areas of institutional strength; highlighting contributions to thought leadership in these fields (remember these surveys also contribute to subject rankings as well as global).
  • Understanding rankings methodologies; utilising strategic insights from 2019 rankings to highlight strength areas.
  • A clear alignment of mission, vision, and strategy with practice.
  • Bringing institutional partnerships and industry collaborations to the fore.

Embracing such strategies can help ensure that institutions are front-of-mind with respondents when it comes to filling in the academic reputation survey. Of course, the best approach will differ from institution to institution. This webinar is designed to help each one identify the best individual strategy for them.

The session will be run by Brand Education founder and CEO, Zeenat Fayaz. Zeenat has worked as a brand manager for both THE and QS, gaining first-hand experience of how the rankings machine works. She will be building on the above, answering questions, and offering personalised actionable insights to university representatives in attendance.

The webinar will take place on Thursday 21st November, 12pm-1pm

Register and find out how to attend here.